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Go Draw in School- Andover

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Remember this is only a suggestion - adapt freely! Regular drawing is the key element to this festival, so try to do things every day!

  • Talk to the children about the festival first. You might want to do this as an assembly or in class. Tell them how much fun drawing is, and that there will be, literally, thousands of others joining in with the festival.

  • You might want to show the children the assembly video to get them started and excited about what is going to happen.

  • Try and find a regular time slot to draw each day. It might be just after assembly or after playtime. I would suggest NOT to do it at the end of the day - you may run out of time, the children are tired and it doesn't show them that you think it is important. It seems like a lot of time to give - but its worth it!

  • Give them their drawing books - instil a sense of pride, and excitement in the drawing books (please call them drawing books - it emphasises the idea of it being a DRAWING festival)

  • Play them the daily theme video or if you would rather introduce the theme in a different way that's wonderful - the more input the teacher gives the better.

  • Give them a set time to draw - you know what is the best length! But make sure it is protected time - try not to have any children leave for other activities!

  • Teachers, LSA should draw too - it shows the children how important it is! How about inviting other school staff (cleaners/ dinner people/ admin/ governors... Headteachers!)  to join classes each day to draw as well - they will love that they are being included!

  • At the end of each session take some time to share and praise! (Don't 'mark' them or give out stickers for the 'best' - it's really important that everyone is valued.)

  • the same the next day... regularity is the key!

  • There are some additional ideas for you to try noted below

Why not make it a two week drawing festival with LOTS of other things going on in the school?

Here are the themes we will have each day

Please do not tell the children in advance - it will work a lot better if they cannot prepare what they draw!


Day 1 (26th) parks & gardens

Day 2(27th)birds

Day 3(28th) – travel

Day 4 (29th) –  music

Day 5(1st) – robots

Day 6(4th) -  games we play

Day 7(5th)– fashion & clothes

Day 8(6th) – castles

Day 9(7th) –  Books (World Book Day)

Day 10(8th) -  jungle

School's Video Page

on this page you will find all the videos you need to show the children to inspire them to Go Draw in School! 

Click on the camera below to visit the page.

Please check that your school's system will play the videos. If you have any problems please contact the organisers.

LN 202.jpg

Other drawing ideas

To down load the resource mentioned in CAPITALS just click on the word.


Fingerprint doodles

Print a collection of random fingerprints onto a piece of paper. Using a thin black pen turn these fingerprints into animals, people, monsters… or anything you like!


Quick fire drawing. 

(This works best during a lunch time break)

Have two or more teams (they could be School houses/teams, or age group splits etc). For each team set up a large white board (or large paper) in the playground. The team members queue up and take it in turns to choose a word from the WORD LIST. When they have chosen a word, they draw a picture of it on the board... where ever they like. Speed is of the essence. When they are finished the next person choses a word and draws a picture of that. You will build up a collection of wonderful drawings all on the same board!

Set a time limit. Have the children come and draw ‘when they feel like it’. Don’t organise it too much let the children spur others on.

The winning team is the team that makes the most drawings (you can keep a count by crossing off ‘chosen words’), not the 'best' drawings.


Chalk Draw

One break time bring out a big box of chalks and let them draw on the playground. A lot of schools already do this but try and let them draw where they are not normally allowed to draw – make it special and exciting!


What’s going on in my Brain!

Using the SIDE ON VIEW OF HEAD fill the brain with drawing thoughts and ideas! You might be surprised with what they come up with!


Drawing in pairs

On a blank piece of paper two (or more) people draw a picture, working together. The catch is once the drawing implements have touched the paper, they can’t be taken off until the picture is finished. Lots of wonderful communication is needed for this one!


Shadow drawing

Place some interesting objects on a piece of white paper an place in strong lighting such as a spot light or in the sun (this is interesting as the sun/shadow will move). Then draw around the outline of the shadow to make some interesting shapes. These could be overlapped with other object’s shadows – perhaps in different colours. You could go big and draw round the shadows of people!

Freaky Faces​

Print off the PEOPLE WITHOUT HEADS picture. (You could also get fashion catalogues and cut out the people from them – without their heads!) Let the children draw on ‘freaky faces’ to replace the heads. They could be wonderful monsters, or top-class glamour models … that’s up to the artist to decide!


Can you draw the King singing with a banana?​

Give each children 3 small bits of paper each. Ask them on one piece to write the name of a famous person, imaginary or real. On another piece to write an -ing word (a verb). On the third write an object (noun). Collect all the bits of paper in three separate piles. Give each pile a shuffle and then hand them out (if a child has their original ideas get them to swap). Now they make up a sentence: Can you draw[famous person] [verb-ing] with [noun]? Now they draw it! 


Drawing charades

Have a pile of cards each with a word on it. The children take it in turns to come up to the board (or on piece of paper if paying with smaller group) and chose a card, draw what is written on it so the rest of the group can guess. You could have two teams with the same list of words and have it as a ‘drawing race’

More ideas will be added as we get closer to the event... keep coming back!

28Z_2011.m10.i006.n005 copy.jpg

The Weekend Draw

Why not challenge your parents to get involved in Go Draw? Over the middle weekend of the festival you could send home this drawing challenge (email, on news letter or print out)


Some 'print off' posters

Here are some things you might want to print off and put up around the school/classroom.

Click on image to download.


Artist's permission has be given for this cartoon for school's use

age old.jpg
age young copy.jpg


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