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Hoarding project

In Farnborough  town centre there are many hoardings to hide building work that is happening at the moment. 


As part of the Go Draw in School celebrations Rushmoor Borough Council have asked if the participating schools could create some amazing artwork to recognise all the thousands of young people that have taken part.

After a little thinking we have decided to create giant artwork, with self portrait drawings of every child in the school. It will look just like many schools have done as a fundraiser lots of giant Tea Towels!

Each child in the school will create a drawing of themselves using templates and black pens . These will then be collected from the school. Several weeks later they will appear on the hoardings around Farnborough town centre. It's as simple as that!

All the materials needed will be supplied free and support will be available should you need it.

Why not allow your parents to order Tea Towels of their own - and fundraise to for more drawing and art materials for the future?

With the help of our very nice friends at Fundraising Creations, the artwork can be turned into wonderful tea towels that the children can purchase!

With a minimum order of 25 Suggested selling price of £4.20 it is an easy way to produce a fun and long lasting memory of Go Draw in School 2024. (you start raising money on the 50th tea towel you order!)

As a school you do not need to have tea towels printed - it might just be one administrative thing to many in you already busy schedule (or you might have just done a similar project!).


But as always you will be given help and support (more information how to do it and template letters etc) and it's something that parents/carers LOVE!

Look at the sliding scale of costs:

tea towel price.png

When you have decided if you would like to create tea towels or not, please fill in this simple form and John, from Go Draw in School Headquarters, will get in touch.

Go Draw in School Hoarding Project

Thank you for your reply.

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