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Go Draw in School 

How can schools get involved?

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Why not encourage your students to develop their drawing skills by drawing each day for two weeks? 


Each day your pupils will have the opportunity to join thousands of others by taking time out and drawing every day! The benefits of drawing are many, and it is important to give children the chance to develop confidence and grow to love drawing.

To find out how SCHOOLS can join in carry on reading...


Some questions that you might be asking:


​When is this drawing festival?

It all starts on Monday February 26th and lasts for 2 weeks. So in practice the school’s element would be for 10 days (Monday to Friday both weeks). In addition to what the schools are doing there will be a "join in activity' for the children to take home for them to Go Draw with their families. And on the Saturday after the Festival (March 9th) there will be some 'drop in' drawing activities in Farnborough Town Centre.


What do we actually do with the children?

Each day during the fortnight there will be an introductory video for the theme of the day (there will also be printable support in case technology lets you down). You show the video to your class and then on the appropriate page in their drawing book (more about them later) they spend 10/15 minutes drawing a picture on the theme.


Tell me more about the drawing books, do we have to use them?

There will be available totally free A6 drawing books, specially created for Go Draw in School. There will be enough for every child that wants to take part in Go Draw in School, you don't have to use them... but they are free!


Do we have to draw every day? Surely that is a lot of teaching time that we will lose?

​You don’t have to draw every day… but it would be so much more effective if you do! 


E Eisner said ‘The arts' position in the school curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults BELIEVE is IMPORTANT.’ As a special project, to develop drawing in the school, it is worth dedicating time.


What do the class use to draw with?

You can use anything you like! Pencils, pens, crayons whatever works best with your children! 

What age range should take part in Go Draw in School

Any age! Individual class teachers know their children best, and will know how to adapt things to best suit their children. There is no age restrictions to drawing! (please note that the drawing books are initially available to Primary aged schools)


I’m not good at drawing.. is that a problem?

No problem at all.. it is very important that everyone (including the teachers) gets involved. In previous years we have seen all members of the school (heads, governors, domestic and catering staff getting involved) It is good for the children to see that teachers are learners too!


Do we have to do just the 10/15 minuets drawing every day, or will there be more?

As well as the themed drawing in the drawing book there will be a collection of support materials to make Go Draw a worthwhile learning experience for your children. Activities, games, ideas for playtime and puzzles will all be available to school taking part, should they want to.

Why not make it a whole ‘Drawing Fortnight’?

Do we have to ‘mark’ the drawings?

No, it is really important that the children feel possession of the project and don’t feel judged.


The idea of the project sounds good. How much support will we get as a school?

Many schools have already worked with the Lead Artist, John, from The Artroom. He will be on hand should you need any advice. 


We are delighted to say that Arts Council England and Rushmore Borough Council are supporting the Project.

Is this a competition? What are the prizes?

No, there is no competitive element to this festival. Everyone is drawing for fun, at their own level! No one is judging what you do. It is for everyone!

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