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Sunday 10th March

Off to the Movies


All about Go Draw

Go Draw is a drawing festival with a simple aim: to encourage everyone to enjoy drawing more often.

It all started during the 'lockdown period' when everyone was looking for ways to develop new skills and interests to use up the time on their hands. Free booklets were created and sent out to any of those that wanted to take part. Each day, for a month, a different theme was set and the challenge was to 'Go Draw' using this theme.


Thousands of drawings were created, and many people discovered a new love of drawing. The key to the festival was drawing every day!


The festival is now in its fourth year and is growing every year. More and more people are discovering the joy of drawing. The festival is only a fortnight now (we have less time on our hands), but the principal is the same. Special booklets, daily themes... and a love of drawing!

Go Draw in 2024

This year Go Draw will run from Monday February 26th - Sunday March 3rd. With a special programme for schools, and free drawing booklets for all, we are hoping that this year thousands of individuals will tap into their creative side and Go Draw.

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